Amanda Knox ‘would have to be handed over to Italy’ if appeal fails

They are caused by the herpes simplex virus and ‘usually clear up without treatment within seven to 10 days’. ‘Amanda received a $4 million advance for her book, that money has all gone, immediately out of the door to pay legal fees and there is nothing left,’ Preston explains. The body of an English girl had been found with her throat cut. ‘I’m deeply concerned not just for the issue I’m facing and most of you already know about, but also because I don’t have resources anymore to fight this injustice. In Knox’s case, it is not entirely clear if the Italian authorities will seek her extradition from the United States even though a treaty does exist between both countries. Yesterday’s ruling by the supreme court in Rome means the case will be tried again next year. Her time behind bars at Capanne Prison, outside of Perugia, was extremely difficult for Knox, who writes that she was taunted by her cell-mates for being a snob, noticing she spent most of her time behind bars reading and writing letters.

Once you have contracted the virus it never leaves your body, and recurrent cold sores are usually a sign that your immune system has been laid low. This is proof of my innocence and it is being ignored but I have faith that if people look at this logically without any prejudice they will see I had nothing to do with this. Broadcasters are banned from paying for interviews but they routinely get around it by buying the rights to the interviewee’s book instead. Knox, in the film, considers the implications of her being turned into “a monster,” and the implications it has for others. On Tuesday afternoon Edda, 52, a mathematics teacher in the Highline area of Seattle, had shopped for groceries at a local supermarket before heading to the West Seattle area of the city where she lives with husband Chris, 40, and daughters Ashley, 20, and Delaney, 15. Amanda Knox’s latest article appeared in the West Seattle Herald on October 29. Meredith, from Coulsdon, Surrey, was in Perugia as part of her Leeds University degree course and had only been in Italy for two months before she was murdered.

The United States and Italy enjoy a successful extradition relationship, with cooperation high on busting organised crime. Knox and Sollecito were convicted of sexual assault and murder in separate proceeding. Sollecito has asked to have his case annulled on the basis that it should have been separated from that of Knox, as all the proof points to her. Sollecito sat at her side. And, did Capezzali testify to ‘‘things her mind made up?’’  Wait, you yourself make exactly those types of claims. I asked the cops what happened and they wouldn’t tell me. Ivory Coast-born drifter Rudy Guede was jailed for Kercher’s murder in 2008, but the judge in his trial ruled that he could not have acted alone.

To have two kids in jail for something they did not do, will not do honour to their daughter. Knox returned to the United States after the original acquittal in October 2011 and has tried to return to her old life in Seattle. Miss Knox told reporters outside her family home in Seattle on the day of the verdict that she was ‘full of joy’. The couple had even colour coordinated their outfits for the occasion, with 16-year-old Bieber donning a red pocket square in his black Dolce & Gabbana suit to complement 18-year-old Gomez’s floor-length red gown, also by D&G. In March, the Italian Supreme Court rejected the appeals court ruling and ordered a new trial. The Perth mother believes she contracted the cold sore from the plane’s air conditioning on the way over to England. Before the end of the year, she can also look forward to being reunited with another ex, the Italian Raffaele Sollecito who, according to his solicitor, is expected to take up an invitation to stay with her.

Knox maintained her innocence, although there were times when I understood why the Italian authorities focused their investigation on Knox: in several interviews, she came across as cold and secretive. Last November, Paxton, 24, moved 5,000 miles from Seattle to Italy to be close to her friend, and she now has a job as a photographer on a local newspaper. When asked about bitter criticism of the verdict from prosecutors Giuliano Mignini and Manuela Comodi, who called it a ‘massive mistake’ judge Hellman replied:’I don’t know about that. A third defendant, Rudy Guede, was convicted of murder and sexual assault two years ago and sentenced to 30 years. ‘It seems to be a never-ending saga of a nightmare,’ he said. Here’s how the lives of a young British student, her American flatmate and her Italian boyfriend converged with catastrophic consequences.

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