Encephalomyocarditis (EMC, EMCV)

1999. Using serum amyloid A to screen dairy cows for sub-clinical inflammation. By PCR sequencing analysis, the DNA genomes of the causative viruses in both of these fatal cases proved to be closely related variants of a novel herpesvirus within the proboscivirus genus that we have named EEHV3. Maximum likelihood phylogenetic dendrograms for two sets of proteins and two DNA loci derived from multiple independent EEHV1 strains. Enterotoxemia is common in Thailand. All ORFs in the chimeric hypervariable regions of EEHV1A and EEHV1B that show between 8 and 35% DNA level divergence from each other are shown in bold type. V.

Diagrams showing the percent G-plus-C content of each of the three potential translated codon frames … Detection of elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus type 1 in asymptomatic elephants using TaqMan real-time PCR. 14. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 20(3):291-296. 120-121. There are also reports of elephants avenging the death of a herd mate by going into the village of the individual who was responsible and hurting nothing or no one except the person responsible. A pool of rabbit sera was used as anti-gB positive serum.

Any assay in which a NTC reaction produced a positive Cq was considered invalid and not included in the data set. 6. Andone more step – they had to master the combination of general and specific reagents or chemical substances that would make the test specific for all four herpes strains. Sarah Webb writes about science, health, and technology from Brooklyn, New York. A pretreatment baseline blood sample was collected. Fractions were collected and analyzed by Western blot. Dr.

Still, the zoo and animal rights activists do agree on one point, though for different reasons: Fewer zoos should have elephant exhibits. In 1999, a U.S. (Where an unhappy elephant recently killed a keeper). 2 POL, EU658936; case No 2 TER, EU658937. The keepers at both zoos deal with the animals on a daily basis. Elephant hierarchical ranking was reported by the keepers, and was based on observations of dominant and submissive behaviours seen in interactions between the animals over time. Suggested Dosage/Precautions/Adverse Effects – One drop twice daily of the 0.5% concentration.

In Part One, he tells the stories of Hansa and his mother Chai, of Belle and her son Packy, of how Packy’s father, Thonglaw, was forced to mate with his daughters, and of how Chai was subjected to more than 100 uncomfortable, humiliating, artificial insemination procedures. Here, we report the pathological characteristics of the first fatality linked to EEHV5 infection, and describe the complete viral DNA sequence. In the end, I unfortunately wasn’t able to get all of the samples I needed for my research, but I learned a lot and plan to continue my project in the future. Equine herpesvirus-1 – can cause respiratory disease in young horses, but also late gestation abortion and neurological disease. Prognosis is good. We also keep hoping to get a breakthrough in our attempts to culture and propagate these viruses from clinical samples in laboratory cell culture, and we continue efforts to generate multiple clones for expressing enough antigens from each of the sequenced EEHV species in yeast to develop a robust multiplex serology chip assay that may finally overcome the major problems of antibody cross- reactions between them. “We hope that these efforts will greatly contribute to elephant management and conservation worldwide,” said Abou-Madi.

But results may not be known for some time. EWB is working with Elford on his research with the DWNP on the distribution, movement and social dynamics of elephants in Bobirwa sub-district and north-east district in Botswana. Furthermore, sequential infection with both EEHV1 subtypes occurs in Asian elephants, suggesting that they do not elicit cross-protective sterilizing immunity. The incident was reported to the police who arrested the former keepers on suspicion of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, although last year the Crown Prosecution Service ruled that there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to charge two of the keepers under the Animal Welfare Act. Spread commonly by the domestic dog, canine distemper contributed to the near extinction of the black-footed ferret in the United States, is a frequent cause of death in African wild dogs and lions, and may have been a significant factor in the total eradication of the thylacine or Tasmanian tiger. Chester Zoo’s veterinary and keeping staff carry out daily blood testing of the elephant herd and, as soon as the first traces of EEHV were detected in both Bala and then Hari, the teams began early treatment using anti-viral medication. ‘KIBA’ was born at the Zoo in Houston, Texas, and raised within his herd.

Please consider upgrading your browser. For the past year, the Houston Zoo has been working with researchers at Baylor College of Medicine to study the elephant herpes virus. The endotheliotropic herpesvirus causes a rapidly progressing and severe disease which makes any therapeutical effort unsuccessful and finally results in death of the animal, especially in young Asian elephants.

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