Finally Arrived VF R8 SV [Archive]

All the very best for the new year. So say i was not close to maxing out 4th gear, would a smaller diameter tyre give me more up and go and bring me closer to that 4th rpm max when crossing the line? But they are 26″. but expect to see some damn fine limited LS3’s from Holden inc the already announced “Director” and possibly another CL signature edition . Wow! Rang my dealer at 845 and the one they were allocated was already sold that morning. The wheels are 20″ ADV with WPP.1 milled into one of the spokes.

Unbelievably difficult to remove. I haven’t done the research yet but based on the E3 R&D . Offers a better braking feel “outta the box” for the average punter. Plenty more I could post but this is already probably going to be 4 screens long. They should have manufactured a “brute” option. The black probably wouldn’t worry me if it wasn’t exact (although it’d be great if someone does happen to know the exact black the backings were) but was the writing done in the same charcoal/silver colour as the stripes on the boot garnish/tail lights? Its not really a space saver as such either.

If im not mistaken, you have a starr 90mm throttlebody on your senator. Does happen bro. but I’d like it nosier when the valves open up under full throttle. Holden deleted the quicksilver colour in the series II and even rarer for them to have leather and sunroof. The other is Build 160 (The last one of John Harveys original run) it’s pretty rough but is all original. Its pretty simple procedure you just drop it off at the port and they do the rest, just make sure its spotless everywhere , id say you wont get much change on 10 gran maybe 12, Car would wanna be stock as possible, as they do emmissions test, ect ive spoken to some guy at the testing station and he thinks its not that tough to get thru. They will be the most helpful.

Yeah I’m gonna lower it, just working our which springs to use, Eibach, Pedders, H&R or Walkinshaw but they are pricey!!!! Also with abit more practise will get lower. Glad we agree 😉 As great as the current GTS is I think it’s defiantly in a honey moon period… I spoke to my mate this arvo again bout the wheels, he said certain dealers will allow you to purchase them as long as you have a HSV.Thanks, Any idea WHO these certain dealers are? Will u need to upgrade the fuel system after fitting the super charger ? The twin pipes on each side was tough. They either have the car on order or just promoting a price to buy there.

It drives me mad when I am sitting in traffic and want to change lanes quickly and it the transmission hits that flat spot. Still can’t do keys. How many dollars do you want to spend…..what is your upper limit? Same brakes as I have on the Grange, not as good as the 4 pots and 360mm up front, but work damn well. It’s a good compromise, and given you can get into a LS3 HSV for mid $50k is a bloody good deal to me, and the route I’d go if looking at a new Commodore. The substantial list of exclusive updates seen on Z Series – in performance, appearance, quality and luxury – are positive proof of HSV’s relentless march towards greater differentiation from its Holden relatives and its determination to offer more sophisticated models backed with traditional hard edge performance. Ryano, thank you for the offer!

Also are you using vm’s for these setups or do you do all this on your normal everyday real boxes / lapops? Since modern cars have evolved to look absolutely nothing like the AU (if anything many have gone with stealth fighter eque sharp edges) rather than the rounded “squashed turd” look, it looks even more ridiculous today than it did when it was released….. They deliver consistently brilliant braking, with high tolerance, low fade, long wear and high friction in all sorts of conditions. Performance is unbelievable. The rear badging is more than just an emblem, it also indices an option level for the HSV range. Oh my! The result from operating activities (EBIT) amounted EUR 18.2 m.

… Set your favorite photos as wallpaper and rotate them at certain time intervals. – Double tap anywhere on home screen to open settings: This is the best way to access settings, as accessing it from the live wallpaper menu using unity can cause crashes sometimes. Change it immediately! Also the Sv 91 has shown two cars in that model range, I used to think it was the Vp GTS & Vp formula only having that paint colour, now I’m open to all HSV VN & VP’s having that colour.

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