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If you liked what you see, your search is over. What it does show is an interest in reptiles and amphibians at the very least. Dr. I took every exotic elective and wetlab I could and I still have so much to learn. You can also call a few pet retailers and ask them who they use or recommend. Dr. The good news is that with proper medical care and a good diet, recovery is rapid and complete.

Whether you have pet health insurance or not, it’s still worth checking what the regular costs for typical procedures are at the vet’s office. Veterinarian technicians, commonly called vet techs, will be taking its vitals and assisting with the examination and any procedures. We’ll advise you on the best arrangement and diet for your pet. Dr. Because you keep immaculate records, you know that it always eats at this time of year, and nothing has changed in its environment. And if your pet ever needs truly advanced veterinary care, VCA Specialty Hospitals are ready to help. When I was last at his office, he had quite a few different types of reptiles in there.

Upton This is volume 1 of a proposed set and is probably the best book for vet students or herpetculturists with an interest in microbiology and herpetology. Harkewicz, I am always confident that my frogs are in the hands of the most knowledgeable and kind doctor. February Dental month! Dragging his penis through his enclosure in the heat is a scenario for potential disaster. Jones….he was *great* with my iguana. In addition, she provides some specialized services such as endoscopy. Basic First Aid Supplies Gauze pads Sterile, non-stick gauze pads for bandaging Sterile saline flush (sold at pharmacies) Gauze rolls Adhesive tape (cloth and waterproof) Antiseptic wipes, soap or spray Cotton balls and swabs Hydrogen peroxide (check the date on the bottle; replace as necessary) Rubbing alcohol Disposable gloves Electronic thermometer Lubricating jelly Scissors Good tweezers or needlenose pliers (not old rusty ones!) A pillowcase (for temporary confinement) Electrolyte solution (e.g., Gatorade, Pedialyte) Powdered calorie supplement (several commercial brands for reptiles are available) Small, soft spatula (for opening mouths) Nail clippers Non-prescription antibiotic ointment (available at drug stores) Small flashlight Paper towels Plastic eyedropper or syringes Utility knife (such as a Swiss Army knife) Several large paperclips or popsicle sticks (to be used as splints) Styptic powder (clotting powder; available at pet and drug stores) Sharpie pen General Guidelines Make it a habit to date everything that you put in the first aid kit.

It is difficult to apply a bandage to reptile skin without causing additional trauma. Specialties: We provide veterinary services for every stage in your pet’s life, from her first shots to a lifetime of preventive care to keep her happy and healthy. You can print out our Pre-Visit Guide to organize your questions and save time. Chameleons generally do better in wire enclosures with a minimum size of 2’x2’x3’. We stress preventative and wellness medicine in an effort to keep your pet healthy and happy for as long as possible. Suzette Dibblee, a native Haligonian, graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College of the University of Prince Edward Island in 1998 after completing her Bachelor of Science degree at Dalhousie University. Harris, who I believe may be the same one you’re talking about..

Other causes of these swellings include infection (most likely), tumors, parasitic infestation, fractures or fluid buildup. You didn’t say if she had successfully laid eggs in the past, which is important information. We did pick up a 40-gallon breeder tank the next day, and she has 5.0 UVB as well as her basking light. Rather than picturing some idyllic, clean, well-tended farm with happy, bright green iguanas lolling about on trees while their needs are attended to, picture a huge corral filled with hundreds of filthy, highly stressed iguanas, the ground a mass of decaying vegetation, feces, sick and dying animals. In addition your membership gives you a political voice and helps preserve your right to keep reptiles. You can also obtain biopsy and sampling swab kits which will help you take other kinds of samples from your snakes and send them in to a lab to help determine exactly what disease organism is making your snake sick. Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV) Publications The ARAV publishes the proceedings from the annual ARAV conference, and, from time to time, interesting handouts on various reptilian and amphibian topics.

How much will it cost shouldn’t be a factor while choosing a vet. The average veterinarian receives little to no training on bird and exotic animal species in veterinary school. How else can I treat this problem? What should you look for when choosing a vet? I have thoroughly cleaned the cage and have removed her water dish for the time being.

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