I thought it is a hemorrhoid because there is nothing, since my previous OB genital

The doctor immediately said oh you have genital herpes. Today is 6 days past ovulation for me, and 6 days past possible conception. so last night i had dinner but after i felt like if i was gonna throw it back up. Hi ladies…so I have a couple questions. Now I’ve heard that canker sores can sometimes be a sign of early pregnancy and come about because of a radical change in one’s hormones. I am sure this is unheard of (yeah right), but I am over-analyzing every ‘symptom’ during my TWW. Your last cold sore may have a severe herpes outbreak the medical condition.

I’m 6dpo. I gave up temping and charting a long time ago. Ok, so I really think that I may be pregnant. Sore underarm/breasts on both sides – tender to the touch. Reply by muffin » Feb. View Full Version : prego symps? today I have had such bad back ache, it’s not like my normal period back ache though and it’s only really sore when I am standing up, I was tossing and turning in bed this morning because it was doing my head in…

Any opinions, advice, statements or other information expressed or made available on BabyandBump.Momtastic.com by users or third parties, including but not limited to bloggers, are solely those of the respective user or other third party. This time my sense of smell has gone mental, can smell the smallest of things a mile off. I know what you mean hun, it’s starting to get to me too. I am in total shock. Asked by Miningitis Q: Just started BCP – Wondering if I still might be pregnant. I have read that some doctors have said a sore throat and/or cold could be a pregnancy symptom. With my first, I wasnt trying to conceive so i didnt really know anything i was having was symptoms.

Yikes you didnt chart much this month, bugger! I just came across this thread again, and I thought it might be helpful if I updated my previous post since I’m now 11 dpo and blazingly knocked up! Hi All Well i am only 8dpo (roughly) but i think i must have had implantation occur (if it actually did) maybe at around 5-6dpo. my boobies were so sore at first still are slightly swollen and tender – I felt sooo tired and light headed a lot I had cramping – achy belly lots of wind tmi I was hungry at times and others couldn’t eat a thing – Ive been eating super healthy which is not me as I have gone off certain foods fatty foods that is. Yay! I’m 7 dpo (maybe 8…not 100% sure) and I feel the same way. Hey….I’ve cut and pasted a few responses I had gotten from the Mums2Be boards….

i got an eye infection 2 days before bfp! OMG I had vivid dreams around the same time! This is one of those symptoms that’s not all too common, but I was wondering how many other people felt upper thigh and butt cramps as an early pregnancy symptom. Love, I’ve heard a lot of good stories of sneezing & getting bfp! Ch:  I know exactly how you feel! I am on day 24 of my cycle, gor the last 6 days I have had nausea, severely dore, itchy breasts and nipples, bad lower back pain, headaches that come and go, fatigue ( I wanna sleep all the time) , creamy clumpy white cm, aches in my lower abdomen as ND vagina, sorry if tmi, and mild dizzy spells. This is the story of our BFP; my wife and I have been working toward this for this for six or seven months now, though only were able to able to try to conceive in February and again in March.

That’s all I have so far – if this isn’t pregnancy then there is some sorta bug in my tummy making me feel all sorts of ICK! Hi! Hi! hmm very interesting! *Warning* REALLY Long post and Lots of details …Enjoy First a few things I did different this month. Thank you ladies! Me?

So AF is due tomorrow and still having creamy CM, last time I had a BFP it was past AF 1-5 days past so hoping very much that this is the case this time around! Tuesday 23rd 3dpo – feeling a bit better, EWCM Snotty cm after BM, worried ovulation, BD tonight! ***2ww thread***- post your symptoms and update until AF or BFP! So af is due tomorrow and still having creamy cm, last time i had a bfp it was past af 1-5 days past so hoping very much that this is the case this time around! This goes to show, that even if you seem like you had AF, it’s not necessarily true.

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