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Fast results. You can order online or by calling a toll-free number. Each laboratory sets their internal levels of reliability. Can a mother or alleged father ever know for sure whose samples were sent to the lab for testing if either of them is not physically present through the entire process to witness the sample collections, labeling, packaging, and mailing? The tests verify paternity with 100 percent accuracy, according to material on the Identigene site. Technical Excellence – Identigene, a leader in DNA testing, is accredited both nationally and internationally. Get specific details about this product from customers who own it.

In fact, when you think of the profit potential your DNA represents to bio-enterprising companies, the real danger of at-home DNA kits is probably not the lack of a genetic counselor, but the lack of a legal one. The swabs are packaged and mailed to the Sorenson laboratory in Salt Lake City where they’re analyzed. Customer reviews are a great way to find out what real customers think about our home paternity test and legal paternity test services. If you can’t wait for snail mail, feel free to use a priority mail service to overnight the envelope to us for quicker shipping. The procedures should be private and discrete. The collection options are the same as explained above: buccal or blood. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Over 70 recessive genetic conditions can be screened. I promised myself I would do this to help some one else and if they were wrong I promised I would expose them. Customers should have access to a secure online account where they can get updates on their test and where their results report is posted. Now that you’ve done your part, IDENTIGENE will step in and do the rest. So the next time you’re at your local Rite Aid, pick up some vitamins, a rectal thermometer, and&#151oh yeah&#151a paternity test! P(A|B) is the conditional probability of A, given B. Order information and results of Services are also accessible by a test participant’s legal guardian when the participant is a minor or a legally incompetent adult, even if the legal guardian is not a participant in the test.

The legal testing accepeted by family courts for paternity are done on-site at any of the 900 Labcorp labs. In most cases, eating or drinking won’t affect the sample, but there is always that chance. One thing to keep in mind is your login and password will not be active on our website if the samples have not been received at the laboratory, unless you have prepaid. However, following your feedback, we’ve realized that the reason for testing the mother’s sample was just breezed over and not given enough prominence. Label the envelopes appropriately and send it to their lab. This involves being there and spending quality, meaningful time with a child. If something does damage a swab sample, we won’t find different DNA; in fact, we won’t find any DNA at all or the sample will be considered too degraded to test.

If the participants do not collect the samples together and mail them off together, there is always a risk that someone could switch their samples with someone else. An informal Identigene survey found that 60% of kit purchases were made by women and that most people purchasing the kits were in their 20s. An addressed envelope was included to return the samples but I had to pay for postage. Does this test give results right away, or does it have to go to the lab for the results? The Identigene DNA Paternity Test Kit provides everything needed to collect DNA samples in the privacy of your own home, and a postage-paid envelope in which to mail samples to the IDENTIGENE laboratory. Approach the situation in a civil way by being honest and setting some ground rules for communicating throughout the testing process. Eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth will not change your DNA, but it can make for a messy sample.

The do-it-yourself kits are being sold at Duane Reade stores across the state for $29.99. Guided by ultrasound, the device is gently inserted through the cervix, where it collects tissue from chorionic villi in the placenta. The DNA samples, along with consent forms, are then sent to the lab in a postage prepaid envelope and with payment for the additional lab fee of $119.00. If the potential father swabs without the mother watching, there is a chance the mother will have doubts about the integrity of the DNA sample. Click here to find out why testing the mother is important . This is a personal decision, and one that possibly comes with societal ethical and moral dilemmas attached. That’s the question on your mind when you’re shopping for pregnancy tests.

I would use them again if I needed to test whether I was the biological father of a child.

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