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low enough that it wont hurt anyone but high enough that i’ll notice. Board of Inquiry® This forum is provided exclusively for the discussion of specific persons or businesses in the herp industry. Iggy, our Cuban Rock Iguana – temporary cage that we constructed (poorly, I might add)….this is the guy we are trying to find the perfect cage for. You might try skipping an insect-feeding or two (assuming you have a healthy crestie that is at a good weight). *Remember, I said MOST… Often reptiles under these bulbs will have a tremendous increase in appetite, movement as well as an increase in healthy coloration. I must say its hard to find a good snake hook. I know it doesn’t sound like it will help but trust me it does and it allows you to see how far your moving the dial when you move it.

Lucky, our Blue Tegu – 7’x3’x3′ BoaMaster cage with stick-on tile that we added Cons: This thing is a behemoth! Another group of animals for which deli cups are sometimes used are the smaller turtles/tortoises. Stage 3: formation of ulcers (4-5) The Ulzerationsstadium is usually most painful and occurs when the bladder is cracked. I agree. . Big Apple has developed acrylic aquariums that combine both traditional beauty and high quality standards that surpass many aquariums on the market. While the technology is relatively simple, the myriad of names given to these devices can be confusing.

The misting system is extremely compact and amazingly powerful, it is designed to perform equally well whether misting a single terrarium or an entire herp room. I took the probe and ran it into the aquarium I was using and taped it down to the glass right over the uth. Sorry, but this is not like other sites where anonymity is more the rule. If you are interested shoot me a text or email or pm. It seems even more likely that the Chinese companies producing the lamps have little or no knowledge of reptiles at all, and they surely won’t have tested these lamps in vivaria to see what they are like…I don’t know, do they even keep reptiles as pets, with artificial UVB light, in China? No chewouts yet. Prior to joining Chernoff Diamond, Ahrens worked as a Human Resource Assistant in the personnel department of Konica Minolta Graphic Imaging U.S.A., Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of conventional and digital graphic art supplies.

Don’t ask me which of the above I think are good for an iguana. Take some time to make sure you get the right size for your cage- the salespeople can help. If a fairly lenient range of temps can be tolerated without damaging the eggs, then these are excellent, especially for beginner breeders and hobbiests without a lot of money to invest into hatching offspring. Mountain horned lizards make great pets because of their calm nature, but they need to be handled appropriately as hatchlings to develop trust and tolerance toward their handler. The savings are endless when it comes time for you to apply these discounts. Acrylic will bend and so should really have 3 latches where as glass is a bit sturdier so you might be able to get away with 2 latches. Thank you Alissa Gress (Bloomington, MN) for your gracious donation of the Sun Seeker 8.0 UVB bulb for research!

I was planning to use a thermostat with it too. This picture was taken in late August 1999. So to end that cycle, I’m going to (with help from you, of course) create a list of every online enclosure option available, and provide reviews as well as customer photos. I also tried ordering them online and the same thing happened. This is due to many dedicated years of implementing effective husbandry and breeding methods. I also have purchased a computer fan to circulate the air inside the cooler to prevent hot spots. Dumerils…What is the optimum cage size and type?

The parts can all be purchased at Home Depot, or a similar store. I’m working on setting up my first snake enclosure and need advice on UTHs. I love the lab style rat tubs Big Apple sells: But I’m not crazy about Big Apple and their crazy shipping prices. Personally, I’d put the rest of those plants in the tub as well! [TOPIC AUTO-LOCKED DUE TO INACTIVITY] Recently I’ve started looking for a large hide for Kazoozles. I bought some hardware cloth and it was just a little bit too big so I was able to fold it over to make it fit inside my enclosure. I am having a really tough time deciding on an enclosure (mostly due to costs involved in shipping metal screen cages and finding the right size).

I was thinking of doing this for my own starter colony I’m buying but didn’t know of it would melt it.

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