KISS announce May 2017 UK arena tour

Both have been contacted for comment. In 2010, 1378 cases of gonorrhea were diagnosed in Scotland, a 35 per cent increase in the 2009 total of 1021. They may be starting all over again and a bit embarrassed to ask for advice. Scottish oysters could become as sought-after as the nation’s langoustines and scallops, which are Scotland’s top seafood exports valued this year at a record £613m due to an increase in exports to Asia, Oceania, the EU and Sub-Saharan Africa. HIV & Hepatitis – Up-to-date information about approved and experimental therapies for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and related conditions. Colin’s father having once carried aloft a Fender ’78 Telecaster home to his teenage son on the island on a trip back from the mainland, wading ashore with the guitar held aloft after the ferry had failed to dock. Women in particular had sometimes learned about STIs either to find out about the risks to their children or because their children had been diagnosed with one.

PhD thesis, University of Glasgow. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow. Has anyone got any advice? The aim of our article is, therefore, to apply new “best practice” guidelines for measuring and monitoring health equalities in a population to the “best of the best” national reports that we have been able to identify, which happen to come from Scotland. “So at night I would have to tape my eye shut and during the day I would have an eye-patch. This Springfest concert was one of the few events that week that did not sell-out. The surgery was particularly complex and over the next few days Mr Fraser developed a severe infection in the eye, a complication that normally results in certain and total blindness.

Make sure they are 18 years of age gap and focus on. Special guest will be Deborah Bonham featured with a keyboardist. “The till fell to the floor and they ran out. But after the pharmacist told her she needed proper medical help, she made an emergency appointment to see her GP, who explained what was wrong with her. For more details or to register your interest, head to Stoker discovered that, while normal cells cease to grow in high-density cultures, cancer cells continue to multiply and can grow even when they are not attached to a solid support, which normal cells require for growth. Tickets to all dates are on sale from Planet Rock Tickets now.

However three months after the incident he suddenly began to be able to identify colours and, thanks to the skill of his consultant on the night of the assault, John Forrester, now an Emeritus Professor, a degree of vision returned. I reported on this earlier, and have now heard back from the Local Authority in response to my Freedom of Information request. Tickets to the tour (except Manchester) are on sale from Planet Rock Tickets now. Both Europe and Black Star Riders are expected to release new albums in early Spring 2015. “In general we try and keep our costs as low as we can,” Bruce said. As a unique treat for fans, the Los Angeles glam metallers’ Reidolized Tour will see them perform the album in its entirety – while backed by the new film – together with a second set featuring anthems from their back catalogue. But long before Viz, The Beano, Eagle and even Punch, I can answer with reasonable confidence that the accolade goes to the Glasgow Looking Glass of 1825.

I couldn’t have done it, quite literally, without all of you. Virttu has modified the herpes virus so that it attacks cancer cells but leaves healthy cells alone. Visibly hurt, Joel, ever the consummate professional, was helped back on his feet by his crew and he battled through to complete the song. “My band will now be a four piece. An impressive live force, Rival Sons were one of the zeniths of last year’s Planet Rockstock when they headlined the Saturday night. When she awakes in daylight, the petrified woman is confronted by a series of eerie occult trinkets and symbols – including an obligatory animal skull – and she soon realises she’s being followed by a shadowy figure. Replacing original guitarist Rob Glendinning (at his own suggestion) is 20-year-old riff master Harry Slater.

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