Knowing When to Bring Your Amphibian or Reptile to the Vet – dummies

Many vets believe that you should make sure cancer, chronic disease, hereditary and congenital disease, and common breed-related medical conditions are all addressed in your policy. These comments make me very happy, as the confirm my decision 25 years ago when I started our hospital. Prior to obtaining her technical license, Tammy worked four years at the Henry Doorly Zoo as a hospital/nursery keeper. If you need to close a wound without sutures or staples, you can purchase veterinary tissue glue, but ordinary cyanoacrylate (Crazy Glue) can also be substituted. BIRDS:  Dr. If you decide to go back to the first veterinarian who already examined your bearded dragon, please don’t hesitate to politely recommend that he utilize the free consultation service provided by the larger veterinary diagnostic labs. I had to be put on a waiting list when I called the front office.

Each area has a unique set of herps so it’s always exciting. If the prolapse is either colon or oviduct, you should be able to see a lumen, a hole, somewhere in this exposed tissue. Perhaps you can ask your vet if you can bring in stool samples from the female geckos, so that they can be checked for internal parasites. When dealing with snake mites, it is not just a matter of treating the snakes as the environment must also be cleaned and appropriately treated. Margaret A. I can’t tell you how many calls I get about fatty liver causing death in savannahs. * In general, see a good veterinarian that knows about reptiles.

Please find a herp vet in your area and have your new lizard examined as soon as possible, as I am very concerned about it. Alfonso:  In my opinion, a qualified herp vet is one that not only has knowledge of reptile health issues, but also is an avid keeper of reptiles. Tapeworms can be more difficult to diagnose, as the eggs are not shed as frequently in the feces. Veterinary Parasitology. I hope you can find a vet who is willing to help you with your beardie. Keep the hot spot on one side of the enclosure so the other end can be somewhat cooler. Technically, a female that lays eggs is said to be gravid when she is holding eggs inside of her.

I have a special interest in amphibian and invertebrate medicine, and offer reduced rate consultations for them as well as for seahorses and other small tropical fish! I don’t know if the bumps that you are reporting on the back are a result of the lizard being injured or if he is showing signs of metabolic bone disease (which you can read up on in back issues of REPTILES magazine or in archived questions in my online column). While your options are vast if you have a dog or cat, you may have to visit an avian clinic for your bird or an exotics clinic for your snake. Was his response shock or more of a natural defense mechanism? Since you think that Mike is a bit thin, perhaps you should visit a herp veterinarian. I have discussed this condition in my column previously, so please check it out, as it is in the archives. Birdneck Animal Hospital was founded in 1990.

Anything you can offer would be appreciated. Even if there aren’t any vets experienced in dealing with herp problems, you can suggest that they call the diagnostic lab that they utilize and request a consult with one of their on-staff veterinarians. Some snakes may have an audible sound when they breathe, during or right before the shedding process, from the skin expanding and contracting when it inhales and exhales, and that is not a sign of disease or illness. He has a basking dock with 100watt powersun for heating and uvb which i only seen him use it once. We offer boarding and day care for all our clients. Ball pythons are often rather shy snakes. Evidence-based medicine means we advise you of what diagnostics and treatment will work best for you and your pet based on the best quality evidence available today.

You have given me very little to go on, but I suspect that you are describing a prolapse, where tissue protrudes out of the cloaca. They did an X-ray, a blood panel and a fecal. He was very profesional, kind, and knowledgeable. The absolute minimum for any animal is 30 days; however, 3-6 months is highly recommended for reptiles. When caring for an exotic pet, it is vital that the owner research the proper environment and diet for the pet. Please contact the HVC Team and one of us will respond as soon as possible. So I went to the place I got it from and apparently the guy who sold me the gecko accidentally bought malnourished young.

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