LASIK Glossary of Ophthalmology Terms

This has been shown to occur more frequently when the entire prescription has not been fully corrected and perhaps in patients with pupil sizes larger than the treatment area. If you have an eye disease, it is unknown whether wavefront-guided LASIK is safe and effective under this condition. Since low tear volume leads to chemical changes in the tear film, which cause inflammation of the ocular surface and the lacrimal gland, a vicious cycle is created. Severe allergies. If you have diabetes and depend on insulin, wavefront-guided LASIK may be risky for you because your diabetes may interfere with the healing of your eyes. Very rarely the surface (epithelial) cells on the cornea do not adhere properly to the laser treated surface (less than 1% of treatments). St.

If you work in a dusty environment, you should wait forty-eight hours prior to returning to work. Macaluso DC, Rich LF, MacRae S. car lights. HSV-1 keratitis is estimated to be present in about 500,000 patients per year. A negative diopter value (such as -3D) signifies an eye with myopia and positive diopter value (such as +3D) signifies an eye with hyperopia. Ophthalmology. Garg S, McColgin AZ, Steinert RF.

The time interval that you must go without wearing contact lenses depends on the type of lens that you use and the length of time you have used them. Fuchs’ dystrophy occurs when endothelial cells gradually deteriorate without any apparent reason. Keratotomy – (keh-ruh-TAH-tuh-mee) Surgical incision of the cornea. This may or may not go away. During an appointment, your doctor can perform a complete examination and make the final determination. Fuchs’ dystrophy is a slowly progressing corneal disease that usually affects both eyes, occurring more often in women than in men. The cornea is the thin clear covering of the eye that is over the iris, the colored part of the eye.

If you’re myopic, you should postpone Lasik until your refraction has stabilized, as myopia may continue to increase in some patients until their mid- to late 20s. If you would like to know more about your eye health and LASIK eligibility, please visit the website of Doctors for Visual Freedom, serving LASIK patients in Chicago, Arlington Heights and Schaumburg, Illinois, at The combination of speed, control and precision of the WAVELIGHT laser means that patients are likely to enjoy LASIK outcomes that are equal to or even better than what they experience using glasses and contact lenses. Oftentimes people do not know they have a herpes infection. A patient’s candidacy for LASIK, Custom LASIK, or bladeless LASIK depends on an evaluation of the patient’s eyes, expectations and lifestyle by an experienced optometrist or ophthalmologist. It can help with both near and farsighted people. The team at Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons, PC make our patients’ comfort and safety their top priority.

Pham has dedicated his career to refractive surgery and IntraLASIK. By discontinuing the wearing of your contacts and allowing the shape of your corneas to go back to their natural state, your LASIK scan can accurately determine your specific eye dimensions. Eye injury: Patients should not have any eye infections or injury. Eye injury: Patients should not have any eye infections or injury. MLA. All conditions and medications taken should be discussed with your surgeon. What results can I reasonably expect?

After your eye evaluation in Olympia, one of the doctors at Clarus Eye Centre will discuss the different laser vision options and discover which would benefit your current condition and lifestyle best. Contact lenses distort the shape of the cornea, and your surgeon will want your cornea to have returned to its natural shape by the day of your LASIK consultation. Certain medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, immunodeficiency states, diabetes and some medications may further interfere with the healing process after LASIK. Am I the right age for it? This allows images to be focused on the retina. In many cases, LASIK seems like the miracle cure for those with anything less than 20/20 vision. Fortunately, most cases are successful in improving visual acuity.

People who have recurring eye infections may not be suitable for Lasik surgery. This allows images to be focused on the retina. We’ve built our practice around our patients’ needs and have equipped our centers with the latest in diagnostic, digital and laser technology. After a thorough discussion and a non-invasive eye exam, Dr. Talk to your doctor if you have a family history of keratoconus, glaucoma, other eye-related diseases, diabetes, a history of herpes simplex or herpes zoster keratitis, significant dry eye, severe allergies or have had changes in your vision over the past year. Two of the patients had undergone laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy (LASEK), one had undergone laser in situ keratomileusis and one had photorefractive keratectomy. It can take final vision several months to settle in post-operatively, and as a result, it can be difficult for your doctor to determine where your final refraction truly settled, were you to be pregnant in the first few months post-operatively.

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