Liquorice & Melissa Lip Gel

I couldn’t believe it, not even 3 weeks had passed. Licorice has some natural antiviral properties. For age spots use ½ a lemon. • Take equal parts of cumin and liquorice. Older children who have a sore throat can chew a piece of licorice root or drink licorice tea. In severe cases, the topical application of a synthetic derivative of ‘glycyrrhizinic acid’ called ‘carbenoxolone cream’ is recommended. Anyone who has had a herpes outbreak will understand the benefits of prevention.

See this article on how to use the whole root as a toothbrush. Remember to reap the full benefits of licorice root, select a supplement produced at pharmaceutical GMP compliant facilities. A licorice infusion is a great digestive regulator and boosts the assimilation of nutrients. — Keith E., Hershey, Pa. Lancet 1982;ii:817 [letter]. Moreover, it also offers protection against diclofenac-induced toxicity and liver damage. Licorice Supplements help take care of a number of other health related ailments in the body.

Oral Health Compounds from the Chinese herb, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, which is commonly referred to as Chinese licorice, appear to be effective in fighting bacteria that cause tooth decay since it has antibacterial compounds. As such, it is commonly included in formulas to help combat PMS and menopausal complaints. Licorice Root is known for its antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antioxidant, antidepressant, demulcent and expectorant activity. Supplementing with licorice root capsules or tea a few days prior to your period might be an effective and safe way to ease those symptoms. Cosmetics are rich in chemicals and will end up irritating your sores. Other essential oils that can be used are peppermint, wintergreen, and thyme. To keep the skin hydrated, you can add a few drops of coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil to it.

You can avoid all the traffic and order in your leisure anytime of nite and day. Some animal studies have shown licorice decreases the metabolism rate of warfarin, a blood-thinning medication, and it is not advisable to take licorice when on similar medication, or while taking diuretics. Licorice is popularly known for treatment of ulcers of the stomach or duodenem, collective known as peptic ulcer. Do you suffer from arthritis pain and inflammation? Most adverse effects have been attributed to the chemical component glycyrrhiza (or glycyrrhizic acid). (5) Moderate intake of Licorice for those who have cysts or fibroids related to breast & uterus because Licorice act like estrogen in our body which may aggravate its condition. Research has indicated that licorice may be beneficial in reducing the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and for providing relief from pain and swelling.

Licorice inhibits HIV reproduction in test tubes, supplementing with it may be safe and effective for long-term treatment of HIV infection. Menopause Symptoms of menopause such as mood swings, exhaustion, and hot flashes can be reduced thanks to the antioxidant and phytoestrogenic properties of licorice root. It metabolizes the sugars present in the mouth and produces malic acid, which is responsible for the plaque on the teeth and leads to tooth decay, gum disease and cavities. for an eye-opening experience – he mentions DGL in the book too). Licorice root Effects on the digestive system:Administered to mice at the dosage of 6g/kg, Gan Cao can inhibit immersion-induced stress ulcer and hydrochloride acid-induced ulcer. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) has been utilized in food and also as medication for hundreds of years. When you are sick, drinking this tea can lessen the frequency and urges to cough which can give a sore throat time to relax and heal.

It was valued in ancient Arabia for treating coughs, while in ancient Greece it was also used for coughs along with asthma. Some Barbara had heard about and others were shocking. The NIH has warned that it’s “possibly unsafe” to eat just 1 ounce of black licorice a day for several weeks. In early research, licorice root extract reduced abnormal elevations of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) in individuals with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Patients can apply a thin layer of liquid extract, cream or gel directly to herpes sores using a cotton swab or fingertips. Flu outbreaks are at extremely high levels in several regions right now. Licorice plant is widely used in commercial products such  as candies and food flavorings.

Miscellany Herbal Tincture Dosing: * dropperful = 30 drops * 30 drops = 1/2 teaspoon * 1/2 teaspoon = 2cc (ml) * US and UK measuring units are slightly different. The botanical name of this plant was provided by Dioscorides and is derived from the Greek word glukurrhiza which means sweet root. Adrenal glands regulate stress hormones such as cortisol. Any mention of Liquorice is often quickly followed by the words “All Sorts”. To make a mustard powder paste and ease your painful symptoms associated with sore throat and chest pain, mix a half-teaspoon mustard seed powder with one tablespoon of flour.

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