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The device has to be in the original packaging with no physical damage. The application of the electro-therapy, using the carefully selected programs shortens the symptom appearance periods and decreases the likelihood of aggravation. If you do not know exactly what your serotype is, you put all the programs (there are 8) which have to herpes simplex virus. I use the Deta Elis daily. Schimmel, Dr. pylori), previously named Campylobacter pyloridis, is a bacterium found in the stomach. Morell, 1989).

The Principal Investigator was Prof. Staphylococci and streptococci are constantly present on the skin and mucous membranes of the throat and the nose. Rife, Dr. This decomposition process may cause irritation in some people, and it can appear that treatment is not working, but do not interrupt the treatment. Just as this technology can be used to balance a part of the body it can also be used to destroy parasites and bacteria. Currently, the issue of the medical equipment was obtained state license, State Standard of Russia issued a certificate of conformity for manufactured products. The development of pathological processes in the body leads to a disharmonious vibrations.

If the physical symptoms have already occurred, the treatment with DETA device decreases healing time in comparison to any other medical treatments. All potentially sensitive patient information was de-identified. Forty-seven apps sent the device’s location [22]. -The program “Herpes base ” included in list for treatment for all types of herpes. High-precision frequency setting, as a fundamental feature of the device, impacts not only parasites, but also viruses, fungi and other infections. It can be used to treat both adults and children. The comprehensive program in this instrument was developed with most common types of herpes viruses in mind.

All the woman included in the research had been clinically diagnosed with PID (both acute and chronic) and had clinical tests indicating the presence of chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, CMV, herpes and HPV infections. The Clean eyes D program is aimed at eradicating these microorganisms, helping with inflammation and pain, while helping restore normal circulation in the eyes. On average, more than 150 parasites live in the body of every person. Physicists from around the world have worked on perfecting this technology. Whenever one of our organs starts to fail, its resonant frequency drops. The pathological process passes through the following stages in succession. Gonorrhea can still be transmitted via fluids even if a man does not ejaculate.

Partners have the opportunity to receive a daily income . Each program is designed to impact on a certain type of pathogen infection or on the changes in the body caused as a result of its actions. Yuck. The virus can be triggered to become active again by physical or emotional stress, sunlight, a viral infection or hormonal changes. If you join as an IBO, then click here (use firefox & the S3 google translation firefox add on to translate the website from Russian into English). The study groups were of similar sex, age, nosological entities, severity of the underlying disease and intensity of clinical implications of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer (during partial remission). Secondly analytics have found that this website comes out of either Russia or the Netherlands which are considered to be high risk countries for online fraud scams.

• It helps strengthening the immune system, protects from seasonal colds and also prevents from allergies. Medicine just got exciting thanks to Russian scientists and over 17 years of in-depth research. Program for hemiparesis can be found in the category or categories of Neurology Acupuncture (two programs hemiparesis). About the Study: The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not treatment of PCOS with hormonal contraception, either in the form of Mirena-IUD, Nexplanon or oral contraceptive pills affects levels of depression and anxiety in women with PCOS compared to those who choose no hormonal treatment for PCOS. Moreover, infection often spreads from one area to the other. But, when it grew and grew, it was like a runaway train that was perfect for everyone involved all the way down the line, physician’s included. Voll, Dr.

This survey was conducted under the supervision of a physician and Lecturer in the Academy of Aa Panob, Russia – 33 patients were examined with varying health issues; 23 children from 2 to 17 years and 10 adults from 30 to 59 years old. My name is Tzema and I work in a restaurant and this thing takes my energy and a lot of power away, daily. The demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis parasites are microscopic mites. This device can kill any parasite or virus in human body without negative effect. Companies manufacturers of electronic components of Smart Life device: USA: Analog Devices & Linear Technology; Atmel & Microchip; Texas Instruments; Abracon LLC; AVX. Test basis: Post-Approval Clinical Testing Agreement dated November 07, 2008.

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