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(gas research). City Motors are the BIGGEST rort this side of a nigerian scam. I simply clear this via the Menu button on the indicator stalk. Following three incorrect P.l.N.s the display shows” – – – “, and the radio must remain connected to power for approx. Would dirty injectors make a noise? So I’m wondering where I’m losing the performance. As the genuine Group A are to short for the long wheel base, and lower the car a bit.

Is there any way I can read the codes out myself and confirm? E3 4 ME: Dont worry, we will upload some Senator images in a minute! Is there a difference between GTS and Senator? Jason glad you have finally got your palais white van We found our dream van yellow HZ, yours looks in better condition than ours after soda blasting…and we probs paid more for our dream van…and have changed everything back to original… Sounds like a good combo. The XU8 exterior doesn’t have the ClubSport’s special colour accents or fog lights, nor it’s special alloy wheels and premium tyres. Get the inner guard too.

In HX the high beam moved to the speedo. Haha what condition is the interior in ?. like the GTS G8 Supersports pentagons etc etc. That’s why it failed. As I believe the SANDMAN is an icon and should be kept pure, I wouldn’t be adding the SANDMAN decal on the rear lower tailgate. Still can’t do keys. Get a business to buy them off ebay and cross invoice you.

That car does not look like a special order or anything other than a garden variety optioned XU6. CDUT???? Who has any firm idea at all as to what the best driveaway price is for a GTS Auto? and they great on a lowered calais. Hard? QEU Tyre ER70H14 6 P/R steel belted radial. Come on people, lets show the interest…

There is that element of raw and exciting feel when driving an “Aussie era” HSV that is lost in today’s cars. First time I’ve used this stuff, and it certainly sets rock hard! Spread the word!! then you can poke at the slot and pull out the ignition barrel with the other hand…thats if its being nice to you..if its not use a larger flat head screwdriver to lever the ignition barrel out slightly.. . Any way of working out what the numbers mean? HJ placard V8.

Sad thing is there is a few guys wanting that same kit. I’d stay away from the red walls, but that’s just my opinion. However for the columm to collapse, it needs the dash mounting points to break as well and then, the mesh parts of the column to fold, that seems to me to be more pressure than one would easily place on the steering wheel in normal driving. the reason they went to 3ml wheels was an adr change in hx so the wheels collapsed easier in accidents… WB KINGSWOOD COMMERCIAL consoles are the same as hx hz but have a hard plastic lid and mounting which is unique to wb..pics will come later. But dash is the same. Did mine also the same way.

The time now is 02:00 PM. The cut off point on these panels shouldn’t be too hard to butt weld and can be overlapped-welded-cleaned up to depending on the customer’s skill, also the point should be low enough that the black tinted lip on the windscreen glass covers the weld line. I’ve had my Sandman for 15 years now- at least half of that it would have been kept outside- and the paint is still in pretty good nick. My brother put all the stato bits in a wb ute that went to car thief heaven soon after. Well I have paid my deposit so I guess I can show off the Sandman Van I am buying. View Full Version : how bogan is your car, the offical test ! Has anyone out there sucessfully dumped the cluster flash?

I bought a HSV Jackaroo thinking if it is a HSV then it must be pretty good. Haven’t put my finger on it yet, but it is more direct and just feels stronger for better words. And a whole bunch of other stuff, and in the car too. OTHER INFO: Its a stock HSV XU6 1999 done 95,000 k’s. Been a while I just though I’ll give you all an update into my progress….. Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.3 Copyright © 2017 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. View Full Version : How much is my car worth?

I want to replace the inner rear wheel arches in my HQ ute (donor body) – the body is pretty good rust wise but the inner arches look like they have been attacked with a sledge hammer, the tray itself is OK.

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