Vaccination of Zoo Animals, Wild Animals & Exotic Pets

Moore GE, Guptill LF, Ward MP, et al. A quick test for hydration is to pinch the skin at the back of your puppy’s neck. For West Nile Virus (WNV) vaccine, 2 doses are given 2-3 weeks apart at 6 months of age, but duration is only about 6 months. Five percent mortality has been documented. In many areas of the country, this disease is not common and the leptospirosis portion of the vaccine combinations is thought to be the most common cause of reactions. The disease is caused by a parvovirus similar to the parvovirus seen in dogs. This cancer is thought to affect 1 in 10,000 cats vaccinated.

Vaccinations for your dog or cat must be up to date (i.e. Vaccines are very, very safe, and many of the specific concerns, such as mercury in vaccines, and autoimmune disease from vaccination, are unproven, exaggerated, or just plain untrue. They may carry their tummies tucked up do to pain. If you opt to have the strongest defense system possible without the risks that vaccines confer, use the preventative program that keeps the disease resistance strong safely and efficaciously, and without risk to the animal. If a dog has tendencies to seizures it will trigger them. Dr. This is your new kitten or puppy and we’re happy to answer all of your questions!

You are going to have to teach it this new relationship which binds it to its master or mistress. Walking on a lead does not mean much to a dog. Add, the EPM nosode to prevent reinfection $25. In this case, it is recommended that the internasal vaccine, Inter Trac II, be given. Education begins as soon as the puppy arrives in your home. Cost: $5-$15. This vaccine is considered a “core” vaccine for both indoor and outdoor cats and is given every 3 years to cats above the age of 1 year, 4 months.

Puppies and kittens that nurse usually receive antibodies from their mothers. The vaccines should be a part of the wellness program, but they shouldn’t be your only wellness program. Bordetella is a bacteria commonly associated with respiratory infections in dogs. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Ask us about starting an effective monthly flea preventative today. Finding new antibiotics that can be brought to the market as a safe, effective treatment is a long, expensive, arduous process. Your vet will give your rabbit a full health check and be able to offer advice on everything from diet to parasite control. · Distemper Combination- This vaccine protects your cat from the most common and deadly contagious viruses: Rhinotracheitis (Herpes), Calicivirus and Panleukopenia (Distemper).

Thanks!!!!! iv.Lyme disease: Due to the high prevalence/large number of cases of lyme disease in our area, we strongly recommend lyme vaccination to all dogs. Infected dogs face a life long battle against the parasite as even if symptoms clear, there is always the possibility of a relapse. 20. . The slightest warm-up or movement can start the cycle again. In severe cases, or when left untreated, the virus can turn into broncheophenmonia which could potentially lead to death; especially in young puppies.

FVR is Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, which causes respiratory infections; C is for Calicivirus, another upper respiratory infection, and P is for Panleukopenia, also known as Feline Distemper. I think (emphasis on word ‘think’!) that the reason the 2nd jab is given, is to pass the immunity to the puppies. Because of uncertainties as to the safety of live virus vaccines in non-domestic canines, many zoos relied on Merial’s PUREVAX®  ferret canine distemper vaccine (a “subunit” vaccine) given subcutaneously at ~ 12 weeks of age and repeated three and six weeks later. Canine distemper (hard pad) – canine distemper virus causes a very serious, often fatal disease. There is no simple answer to this question, as it depends on each horse’s individual circumstances. Rhinotracheitis is a herpes virus that typically causes respiratory signs such as sneezing and runny eyes and can be severe. A free comprehensive PDF booklet is included, giving a full back up of all the topics in the lectures.

“Veterinarians need to administer the rabies vaccine as defined by law, but other core vaccines for canine distemper virus, parvovirus and canine adenovirus-2, are administered needlessly,” says Ronald D. These antibodies are produced by cells (called lymphocytes) which originate in the bone marrow and multiply in the lymph nodes. To decide which Vaccine is required for your Pet depends on various factors like age, risk of exposure, life style and health status of the pet. At Advanced Animal Care of Colorado, we work closely with our owners to perform “risk assessments” and limit the number of vaccinations administered to the ones that are truly necessary and beneficial to the individual pet. Our hospital environment is very much like a country cottage, which helps make our pet patients and their owners feel relaxed and at home.

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