Video: Chabad Mohels’ Association Angered By ‘Anti-Metzitzah-B’Peh-Circumcision’ Lottery Ad

That this blood is stored up. Whenever it is a case of pretending, as by the Central Council of Jews, that religious circumcision is indispensable and undisputed in Judaism, then it is only part of the truth.”Judaism is not a dogmatic religion, there are naturally people who see and do some things differently and they are free to do this. In a US study, 59% of men expressed worries about risks of bleeding and infections [95]. On one level, the stakes in the San Francisco vote are small. Acta Paediatr Scand. on Monday, January 27. for crying out loud, how is this not already frowned upon?

The decision, like all medical procedures, should be based on the principle of weighing up the risks and benefits for the long-term wellbeing of the child. There are no benefits to cutting a girl but there are numerous benefits to removing male foreskin, right? The Chasam Sofer did not urge anyone to stop doing  Metzitzah bapeh as was done from the times of Moshe Rabeinu rather he allowed them to use a sponge for their specific case. But in an April 22 letter to Teichtal from Morsiano, the rabbinate’s director of the division for circumcisions, the Israeli rabbi stressed that MBP was integral to the circumcision ritual. Sure you can. de Blasio. This, says Toby Lichtig, a British Jewish writer on the subject, was probably what caused the practice to spread to non-Jews in Britain and America.

Calling into question the right of parents to circumcise their sons calls into question the ethics and legality of all these decisions and more. This is not a high risk and I have not had anyone have a circumcision to prevent cancer as a reason. Permanent brain damage occurs in 10% to 20% of patients. Authorities say the saliva contact could give the infant herpes, which is harmless in adults but could kill newborns. In fact, data from large, high quality randomised controlled trials show circumcision enhances the sexual experience of men and their female partners. The consent forms remain the regulatory standard for now, but most ultra-Orthodox rabbis have told their faithful not to comply, and the city acknowledges it does not collect them unless there is suspicion of herpes. In many ways, this actual act contextualizes everything else – that we don’t just discuss our religion or think about our religion, but that we do our religion.

On Wednesday, nine of the 11 board members voted in favor of ending the consent forms, including the health commissioner, Dr. The Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City is under Orthodox ritual law, which only allows men to wear prayer shawls, Reuters reports. One key reason for circumcision is to decrease the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs, formerly STDs). I just don’t see how doing something to give our kids a leg up on their future health can be seen as anything but good. Under that nonbinding pact, if a baby is found to have contracted herpes the county can then test the mohel. The severity and frequency of symptoms and how long they last will vary depending on the individual and her particular illness. Most adults carry the disease, which causes the common cold sore, but it can be life-threatening for infants.

No risk of foreskin infections, which affects about six percent of uncircumcised boys. Still, tragic, circumcision-related deaths among certain Orthodox communities in the US have pulled Jews into the debate about foreskins. The transmission of herpes is thought to occur when the mohel, without or without a visible oral herpes sore (herpes is well-known to be transmissible even in the absence of a visible sore), touches his lips to the infant’s newly cut skin—a golden and tragic opportunity for herpes or any infection to enter the bloodstream. But Hizzoner has done nothing to change the procedure put in place during the Bloomberg administration, requiring the circumciser to get a signed consent form from parents. Most other Jewish mohels wear surgical gloves and use sterilized instruments. Jump up Rabbi probed for circumcised infants’ herpes,, 2 February 2005. While most people know what circumcision is, many are vague on the finer details of this simple procedure, including the risks and benefits.

The decision to amend the city’s health code has angered some members of the city’s Orthodox Jewish communities, who say it is an unwarranted intrusion by the government on religious freedom. Globally, an estimated 39% of males have been circumcised.[1]There are an estimated 30,000 ritual circumcisions performed in England each year.[2]The number of operations has fallen from 80% to approximately 56% in the USA in recent years and similar falls have been seen in England and Northern Ireland.[3, 4] Background Circumcision of males involves removal of the fold of skin which covers the glans penis.

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